Rebranding Resnicow and Associates

Visual overhaul for leading strategic communications firm working with some of today’s most influential cultural institutions, in the U.S. and around the world.
Client: Resnicow and AssociatesTimeframe: 2014 – PresentWebsite:

Resnicow and Associates believe in the value of arts and culture and they advocate on behalf of clients who feel the same way. They connect audiences across a diverse and colorful media landscape and help amplify the impact of some of the most significant cultural institutions of our time. The agency’s brand needed to do the same for them.

Branding + Identity Systems
Communication Tools + Collateral
Environmental Graphics
Interaction Design + User Experience
Technology + Development

A brand is not just a logo, it is the embodiment of your entire personality, made palpable through a comprehensive visual system. Each and every item produced and published, each document shared, each business card handed out, each website page accessed, has the potential to express the same point of view. And the point of view we wanted R and A’s identity system to communicate was that no one has a deeper, more holistic understanding of the current cultural ecology than this incredible team of people.


The strength and clarity of the new mark we developed has the confidence we were seeking, but even more importantly, the fundamental AND element at its core keeps the identity flexible, open, connected, and in continuous conversation. 

To take full advantage of a pivotal moment in any company's evolution, a redesign effort must be approached as holistically as possible. Over the course of our engagement we not only applied the new R and A identity across a system of internal and public-facing communications materials, we completely overhauled the agency’s website - inside and out, reworking the way services and clients are categorized, and how users access the breaking news and informed perspectives they are renowned for. The work of Resnicow and Associates positions their clients to build new audiences, strengthen existing relationships, and stand out in a world saturated with information  – their revamped communications system does the same for them.