Frankfurt Kurnit Identity + Website

New logo, website, and the works for one of New York City’s preeminent law firms with a 40-year legacy of service to clients in a wide range of industries and disciplines worldwide.
Client: Frankfurt Kurnit Klein + SelzTimeframe: 2012 – 2014Website:

Frankfurt Kurnit built its formidable reputation servicing the entertainment and arts communities in New York City. In the 40 years since its founding they have grown to become one of the country’s leading law firms, providing the highest quality legal services to clients in a wide range of industries and disciplines worldwide. However, the agency’s branding and online presence was not even close to being on par with the quality of their expertise nor the distinction of their client list. Which is where we came in.

Branding + Identity Systems
Communication Tools + Collateral
Interaction Design + User Experience
Technology + Development

Frankfurt Kurnit represents some of the world’s best-known publishers, producers, directors, distributors, actors, celebrities, models, writers, financiers, charitable organizations, online content and service providers, and many of the foremost advertising agencies, information technology companies, and corporate brands. How do you sum up all of this star power in one brand identity? By going back to the source. 


The inspiration for our entire creative strategy emerged from one simple photograph. A black & white portrait of the firm's founder, Michael Kurnit, shot by the one and only Richard Avedon (scroll down to the bottom of this page to see it). This one photo embodied all of the characteristics we needed to tap into for the redesign – simplicity, strength, poise and just that perfect little bit of charm. Every single visual decision we made from this point forward was a reflection of the qualities we saw in this photograph – from the typography and color palette, to the way each piece of collateral was composed.

People do not win people fights.
Lawyers do.

– Norman Ralph Augustine, Author

Over the course of our engagement with Frankfurt Kurnit, we rolled out a suite of logotypes, an extensive stationery system, a collection of marketing and presentation materials, a library of print and digital templates, office signage, and state-of-the-art website platform. The overhaul also included headshots of all 80 members of the firm's staff, inspired by the original Avedon portrait of Michael, shot by the inimitable Lyle Owerko.