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You May Ask Yourself 3E

February 12, 2013

After months of teasers featuring an animated cast of one-eyed aliens and assorted other spherical characters, the third edition of WW Norton’s You May Ask Yourself is finally out on shelves! The textbook and accompanying suite of 18 animations – one for each chapter – is the much-anticipated result of our year-long collaboration with the author and the folks at WW Norton. The complete redesign of this popular college level “untextbook” (which currently holds the #1 spot in it’s marketplace) is packed with a vibrant color palette, a fresh new look, and an assortment of hand-drawn illustrations to help explain complicated concepts through simple narrative. Textbooks definitely looked nothing like this when we were in college. Narrated by Dalton Conley himself, but scripted, illustrated and animated by the KMIP team, the short animations highlight the central paradox of each of the book’s chapters. Curious how society deals with deviance? Or the social construction of race? Just watch one of these puppies. For more information, go to