Project News

SU+RE HOUSE arrives at the Solar Decathlon

October 8, 2015

And let the games begin!!! After more than two years of research, design and construction for the Steven’s Institute of Technology’s graduate engineering and architecture teams, and almost a year of work for our studio as their dedicated communications partner, the beautiful and brilliant home that is the SU+RE HOUSE is opening its door to the first wave of what is expected to be close to 100,000 public visitors at the U.S. Department of Energy’s Solar Decathlon in Irvine, CA today.

Outfitted with a comprehensive system of signage and environmental graphics designed by our team, the SU+RE HOUSE is a living & breathing prototype of what a truly sustainable and resilient home can and should be – reducing it’s energy use by more than 90% thanks to its innovative use of solar power and strict Passive House standards, while simultaneously protecting itself from the all-too-real effects of climate change with ingenious flood proof construction that will allow it to remain safe and dry in flood elevations of up to 5 feet. We couldn’t be more thrilled that opening day is finally here, and will be watching the competition with baited breath for the next 10 days.