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Design Trust for Public Space receives a 2017 National Design Award

May 5, 2017

The Corporate & Institutional Achievement Award awarded by the Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum as part of the 2017 National Design Awards is given in recognition of a corporation or institution that uses design as a strategic tool as part of its mission, and has consistently exhibited ingenuity and insight in the relationship between design and quality of life.


The Design Trust has brought forth 30 multi-year projects, working with over 40 city agencies and community groups and over 90 fellows to transform places where New Yorkers live, work, and play. The organization’s projects saved the High Line structure and the Garment District, jumpstarted New York City’s first custom-built Taxi of Tomorrow, pioneered a model Community Design School in Queens, and created the city’s Design Manual for 21st Century Parks that was a precursor to OneNYC. 


Congratulations Design Trust!

The honor couldn’t be more well-deserved.