Crafts #7: Summer Solstice Piñata

June 19, 2012

The Summer Solstice is probably one of our favorite celestial events of the year. It marks the meteorological start of summer, and occurs when the Earth’s axis is most inclined towards the Sun – resulting in the longest day and the shortest night. This makes us extra happy because extra daylight = extra sun = bathing in summer glory.


The best part about this holiday is that all you need to do to celebrate is appreciate the joyous bliss that comes with the season of sunshine. Meaning trips to the beach, picnics at the park, lounging poolside, an overload of vitamin D, and hanging out on the roof ’till the wee hours of the night.


Still, there are times when too much relaxing can leave you craving for a little excitement. That’s why we’re offering up a step-by-step tutorial on how to making your very own sun piñata. Because, really. What’s more exciting than whacking something with a stick and getting rewarded with candy? It’s the ultimate stress-relief.


What You Need

1 – Round Balloon (like the ones here)



Newspaper, cut into 2-3″ strips

Yellow crepe paper steamers

Masking Tape


Lots of candy and any other treats you’d want to stuff inside

8″ Rope


1. Inflate your balloon and tie it closed.


2. Tape down the tie so that the surface is nice and flat. Place the balloon on top of a bowl. This will act as a base to keep the balloon from moving around.


3. Make papier-mâché paste by combining 1 part flour with 2 parts water and mixing well to remove any lumps.


4. Dip strips of newspaper, one at a time, into the paste. Run your fingers through each piece to remove any excess paste and apply to the balloon. Continue this process, criss-crossing strips of newspaper, until the balloon is completely covered in an even layer of papier-mâché. Repeat this process to add at least two to three more layers to the balloon. Let dry completely, flipping frequently. (Note: this may take up to 2 days, so plan accordingly)


5. Cut one small hole at the top of the piñata. This is where the piñata will hang from. Next, cut out a 4-inch circle from the middle of the piñata and pull out the now-deflated balloon. Don’t throw away cut circle piece though, you’ll need it later.


6. String your piñata by sticking both ends of the rope into the small hole and tying a large knot at the end of it from the inside. Use the larger hole in the middle to help guide the rope through. Fill the cavity of the piñata with lots and lots of candy, trinkets, and/or prizes.


7. Once you’re satisfied with the amount of goodness that’s been stuffed into the piñata, place the 4″ circle back over the open hole and tape it shut. Apply copious amounts of tape to make sure it stays closed. Apply an almost equally generous amount of tape to the small opening where the rope sticks out on top.


8. To decorate, cut the paper streamers into fringe. The fringe should be spaced about 1-inch apart and cut about 3/4″ from to the edge. Apply glue on the uncut edge of the streamer.


9. Glue fringe to the piñata by starting at the base and circling around to the top. Repeat until the whole form is covered with yellow fringe.


10. Fluff out the fringe with your fingers, secure the finished piñata to a tall tree or beam, and whack away!