Crafts #2: Polish Star

December 14, 2011

Is your Christmas tree looking a little sad? Maybe it needs a healthy dose of Polish stars! Trust us, they’re the perfect remedy – easy to make and a great way to show off your crafting skills.


The tradition of paper ornaments in Poland began with the vibrant peasant culture. As paper was more widely available and, most importantly, affordable, families came up with innovative ways to craft it and create beautiful decorations without breaking the bank.


Sometimes referred to as the Polish porcupine, the Polish star can be made with just about anything paper – leftover wrapping paper, old magazines, or even newspaper clippings. It looks great trees and adds a lovely touch to gifts.

What You’ll Need





Strong thread

two 1/4″ cardboard discs


1. Cut out 10 paper circles – 4″ in diameter. Cut eight evenly spaced slits starting on the outside toward the middle of the circle, stopping about 1/2″ from the center point (see diagram).


2. Make stars: Place a sharp pencil in the middle of each flap and, using the pencil as a guide, roll the paper into a cone shape around it. Make sure that the end point is sharp and secure it with glue. Repeat with remaining circles.


3. Thread the needle, knot the ends, and use a cardboard disc to secure the knot from slipping. Stack five of the stars, flat sides facing down, and pull the needle through the center. Stack the remaining five circles, flat sides facing up, and add them onto the stack. You should now have a “ten-star sandwich”.


4. Use the remaining cardboard disc to hold the threaded stars together. Pull the thread tightly so that all the layers come together and compress down into a ball shape. Secure with a knot – and voilà – Polish Star!