Studio News

AIGA Slow Motion Collisions

April 28, 2014

This past Wednesday, our very own Agnieszka Gasparska organized and participated in a public conversation titled Slow Motion Collisions How Digital Design Careers Evolve moderated by Khoi Vinh, designer, blogger and VP of User Experience at Wildcard. This AIGA event developed from Khoi’s upcoming book of interviews with designers about their careers. Along with Agnieszka, the panel consisted of Justin Van Slembrouck, Design Director of Digg, Jill Nussbaum, Executive Director of Product Design at The Barbarian Group and Cemre Gungor, Co-Founder of Branch. Khoi led the designers through a conversation focusing on pivotal moments that shaped their design careers. In the cozy Bumble and Bumble theater, the panel shared anecdotes, insights and lessons learned to the audience. The conversation only stressed the importance for designers, regardless of where they are in their careers, to put themselves out there to create opportunities for collisions.