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March 14, 2012


Pi Day

Pi Day is a holiday that commemorates the mathematical constant π (pi). It’s observed on March 14th because the date’s format adhere’s to the most used approximation for π – 3.14. Created by physicist Larry Shaw in 1988, the first celebration took place at the San Francisco Exploratorium where people marched around in a circle… Read more

March 8, 2012

szymborska copy

Wisława Szymborska

Wisława Szymborska (pronounced Vee-Swah-Vah Shim-Bor-Ska), was one of Poland’s most popular poets, who rose to international fame when she won the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1996. Sadly, she passed away last month, but we were once again reminded of why she is one of our all-time favorite writers. Not just because she happens to… Read more

February 28, 2012


Floral Design Day

Floral design is an important cultural art form that has spanned thousands of years – and today is a day to enjoy and appreciate flowers in all shapes and forms. Whether they’re arranged into bouquets or printed on fabric, flowers are an integral part of both our social and visual landscape. In Poland, flowers play… Read more

February 14, 2012


Private Wojtek

Wojtek, pronounced “voytek”, was a magnificent 500 lb Syrian brown bear who served in World War II alongside a unit of Polish soldiers. Adopted as a cub by members of the Second Corps – Wojtek grew up among the soldiers believing he was a man just like the others. He loved cigarettes, drank beer right… Read more

February 10, 2012



It’s long been said that the way to a person’s heart is through yummy food. So it’s no coincidence that certain foods like figs, oysters, and chocolate – all considered to be natural aphrodisiacs - show up on Valentine’s Day menus across the country, year after year. But did you know that a doughnut can also work as… Read more

February 2, 2012


Homemade Tea Bags

Happy Groundhog Day! Punxsutawney Phil, the Pennsylvania groundhog famous for making mid-winter weather forecasts, saw his shadow today and has predicted six more weeks of winter weather. What better way to prepare for the chilliness ahead with a cozy and warming cup of tea? Creating your own tea bags is surprisingly easy to do. Especially… Read more

January 23, 2012


National Handwriting Day

There’s something very romantic about the art of writing – the kind with pen on paper, not fingers to a keyboard. Handwritten documents have sparked love affairs, established peace, freed slaves, and declared independence (case in point: John Hancock, the first to sign the Declaration of Independence, is famous in part for his large, bold… Read more

January 13, 2012


Mikołaj Kopernik

Mikołaj Kopernik, better known as Nicholas Copernicus, was a Polish astronomer and mathematician who paved the way for modern astronomy. He was the first to formulate, in full mathematical detail, the idea of a heliocentric solar system – a sun centered model in which the planets rotate around the Sun – and also that the… Read more

January 11, 2012



Ask a non-Polish person about the national dish of Poland, and they’re likely to rave about the delicious qualities of the pierogi. Ask a true Pole, and they’ll tell you that while the pierogi are quite tasty and popular with foreigners, the true national culinary treasure of the motherland is Bigos, also known as Hunter’s… Read more

January 9, 2012



One of the best things about the holidays are the decorations that seem to festoon every nook and cranny. But now, with the ornaments and lights gone, you may feel that in comparison to just a few weeks ago, things are looking a little plain and colorless. We’ve got the perfect remedy! And it not… Read more