Kiss Me I'm Polish LLC

Cra-ppy Hour


A little over a year ago, we started hosting Cra-ppy Hour events here at our Chelsea studio. Yep. Crafting + Happy Hour = Cra-ppy Hour.
A bi-monthly post-work gathering of friends, we come together around our big conference table to chat, eat snacks, drink yummy beverages, and if we’re lucky – make a colorfully random array of things.

We all have an assortment of projects we never have enough time for and never enough time to catch-up as much as we’d like. So that, plus a convenient stash of leftover wine and rum from a party we’d hosted a few months prior, was the perfect reason to put on our very first Cra-ppy Hour event. And so it began.

Over the past year, we’ve hosted an array of Cra-ppy Hours, which were also instrumental in getting our very own Itty Bitty Project off the ground. As we begun full-swing production of our first run of tees, friends who came without a specific project of their own volunteered to cut bits of cheese, pepper or bread while enjoying a glass of wine. A heartfelt thank you to those great friends!!

If you’d like to join one of our Cra-ppy Hours in the future, drop us a line!