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October 28, 2011


Project Update

If you haven’t already noticed, a lot of stuff has been-a-brewin’ in our website’s “Work” section. In case you missed any of it, here’s a breakdown of the latest case studies we’ve added this month:

Water for People: Check out the video and presentation materials we designed for this amazing organization working hard to bring clean water and sanitation facilities for people all over the world.
Norton Sociology: The latest edition of WW Norton’s Introduction to Sociology textbook is out, featuring a comprehensive suite of information graphics, cover and collateral design by yours truly.
GOOD Infographics: Recap of some of our best infographic designs for the folks at GOOD
GOOD + Gates: Information graphics and animations developed under the partnership between GOOD magazine and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

October 17, 2011


Yay, Fall!

Yes, fall is finally here! Though it officially arrived 3 1/2 weeks ago, NYC weather has finally gotten the message and seems to be sticking with it. So it might actually be time to put away the tank-tops and switch up the wardrobe a bit. In need of a little inspiration? Check out Refinery29 – an amazing resource for all kinds of fashion goodies (oh yes, and designed by yours truly).

Kiss Me I’m Polish has designed several iterations of the Refinery29 website since their first launch in 2005. This latest version (which has now been live for over a year, but um, we never got around to broadcasting it) is their most ambitious yet.

Check it out for yourself .
Halloween is just 14 days away and there are some real gems in there that might come in handy too.

October 13, 2011


We The People

To spotlight our newest case study on WW Norton’s Introduction to Sociology textbook, we also want to take a moment to look back on another highlight in our on-going partnership with the publishing house. In late 2010, Kiss Me I’m Polish designed a suite of 27 information graphics for the eighth edition of We The People: An Introduction to American Politics.

The colorful diagrams comprise the “Who Are Americans?” unit of the book recurring in each chapter, and provide a range of statistical snapshots of our nation’s political underpinnings – focusing on topics such as health care reform, voting patterns, presidential approval, equal rights for women, to name a few.

Get an indepth look here.

October 4, 2011


This Is What Sociology Looks Like

Sketching and brainstorming are essential to any creative process, but can oftentimes also trigger ideas that reach beyond the scope of a given assignment. That is precisely how the concept for WW Norton’s “Introduction to Sociology” poster was born.

As we were discussing ideas for a series of information graphics for the eighth edition of the textbook, our sketches included some rough visualizations of the “interconnectivity” between the book’s different concepts and the sociologists that explored them. These sketches ultimately led to the design of a full-blown diagram to accompany the book, which also functions as an illustrative study guide, providing students with a visual representation of the textbook’s table of contents, organized by theme and subject.

Check out our full case study for an in-depth look and to find out how to request a free poster.

September 19, 2011


de Kooning Retrospective Website

We are thrilled to unveil yet another exciting collaboration with MoMA for it’s latest exhibition, “de Kooning: A Retrospective”. Kiss Me I’m Polish joined forces with Redub and Type/Code to design and produce an interactive website that celebrates the breadth of work created by de Kooning over the span of his prolific career. Divided into categories by theme, period, and chronology, viewers can take a closer look at the vivid works that helped define postwar American art.

The KMIP team has always been a fan of de Kooning, but working on this project and seeing the exhibition has rekindled our romance with his amazing work. Some favorites? The colors in the “Full Arm Sweep” period and the intensity of the “Women” series effectively blew our minds.

For a closer look, check out our full case study.

September 1, 2011


National Geographic Mini-Facts

Early this year, National Geographic approached KMIP to create a set of miniature infographics for sprinkling throughout the front-of-book segments of the magazine. Sign us up! Even more fun? In addition to creating the illustrations, we were also charged with coming up with the concepts for these bite-size graphics.

Aiming for a set of simple visuals that could communicate nuggets of content in an eye-catching way from the margins of the page, we submitted 50+ ideas from which National Geographic selected a handful for development and design. Grab the September issue for a closer peek at two of our designs in action!

For an in-depth look, check out our full case study.

August 28, 2011


Sociology All-Stars

Every so often we fall in love with an element of a design concept that for one reason or another doesn’t end up in the final product. That was the situation we found ourselves in while working on a series of infographics for the eighth edition of WW Norton’s “Introduction to Sociology” textbook. Originally intended for use in a timeline of landmark sociological publications, we designed miniature character illustrations for the authors responsible for some of the iconic works.

When these icons didn’t make it into the final infographic, the folks at WW Norton decided to give them another chance by using them on buttons that were handed out at the annual American Sociological Association meeting in Las Vegas earlier this summer. Apparently the buttons were a big hit – with Marx and Du Bois “selling out” first.

Stay tuned for more additions to the collection in the near future! In the meantime, check out our full case study.

July 5, 2011


Fast Company Typecon Illustration

In late June, Fast Company approached KMIP to develop an illustration to appear in their July/August 2011 issue for an article tiled “Typecon.” The premise? An infographic about typography that visually communicates the origin and use of seven notable fonts. Suffice to say, this project tickled the type-nerd lurking inside of us.

Fun fact: Although the font Arial, a near copy of the iconic Helvetica, was commissioned by Microsoft to avoid licensing fees, the company’s logo is in an italicized Helvetica.

View a preview of the article here.

June 11, 2011


Knight News Challenge Interim Review

We are thrilled to announce our most recent collaboration with Redub and Papercut on a slide presentation for the Knight News Challenge’s Interim Review of their 2007 – 2008 grant winners.

Launched in 2006, the Knight News Challenge is a media innovation contest that aims to advance the future of journalism by funding innovative ways to gather, share, and use local news to digitally inform communities. To better communicate their assessment of the accomplishments of the first two years’ worth of winners, the Knight Foundation asked Kiss Me I’m Polish to design a series of information graphics and illustrations for the comprehensive report, whose publication coincided with the announcement of the 2011 winners. Inspired by the newly redesigned Knight Foundation identity, our slide deck design helped make what could otherwise have been a pretty daunting and dry evaluation report more accessible, more fun, and more readable not only to the general public, but to those intimately involved with the topic of media innovation.

Lucy Benholtz, of the highly regarded blog Philanthropy 2173, even went so far as to declared it the very first winner of the “Person’s Choice Award for Foundation Data Presentation“!

View the full report on the Knight Foundation website.

March 21, 2011


MoMA: German Expressionism

We are honored to announce our latest collaboration with MoMA – the architecture design of a website showcasing over 3,000 German Expressionist works. The launch of the site coincides with the opening of a new exhibition at the museum, German Expressionism: The Graphic Impulse, and represents the culmination of a major four-year grant to digitize, catalogue, and conserve MoMA’s rich collection of Expressionist art.

Divided into multiple categories (by theme, artist, chronology, location, and more), viewers can easily explore a vast array of works and gain a comprehensive understanding of the movement as a whole. And the show is incredible, full of deeply thought-provoking works on a subjects ranging from postwar politics and fantasy, to death and religion. So be sure to not only make a trip to see the 250 works currently on view at the MoMA, but also check out the website for unprecedented access to their entire collection of prints, periodicals, sculptures, paintings, and more.

And not to play favorites or anything, but our current obsession? The illustrated books that can be viewed through an interactive page-turning animation. It’s the next best thing to actually having them in your hands.