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July 10, 2015


WW Norton Seagull Reader box set

We love books and we especially loved designing the covers and packaging for this new three-volume literature anthology published by WW Norton. The box set includes a mix of classic and contemporary poetry, short stories and plays, and our design scheme for the three cover motifs celebrates the array of titles contained in each carefully curated volume – a must-have for literature students and budding writers alike.

If you’d like to add the Seagull Reader box-set to your bookshelf, it’s available to all at W. W. Norton.

June 1, 2015


Event branding for TEDWomen2015

We’re so honored to have had the chance to brand yet another amazing TED event – this time the TEDWomen2015 MOMENTUM conference which took place last week in Monterey, CA. Can’t think of a theme more fun to explore visually than one focused on energy, drive and propulsion – nor an event more inspiring than this summit of 40+ of the most incredible women (and men) in the world. Seeing our branding and program guide design inform everything from set design, projections and screen graphics, signage and swag – sweet icing on the cake. 

Keep an eye out for footage from the event on but you can also check out highlights of the conference on the TED blog.


April 20, 2015


AIGA’s Spring Membership Drive!

In the latest phase of our membership-driven work with AIGA, the Spring Membership Campaign activated all 69 of AIGA’s U.S. chapters over the course of last week, and the collective effort across social media and email platforms brought new members to each and every one. Awesome work everyone!!! As for our team, we loved taking all of our work on last year’s Membership Toolkit to the cyber streets in this concentrated effort that included comprehensive messaging, a full suite of plug-and-play graphics & templates, and custom designs of a limited-edition line of Thank You gifts for all that joined.

To all of our newest AIGA members, welcome to the family! We’re so excited to have you on board.

April 2, 2015


The American Family, Animated

We’re excited to announce that all thirteen of our the illustrated animations we developed to accompany The Family (a new WW Norton textbook about the contemporary family structure in the US) are now up on YouTube for your viewing and learning pleasure! Narrated by author Philip N. Cohen and designed to pair beautifully with the information graphics we developed as part of our design of the book itself, these are definitely up there on the list of some of our favorite work of 2014.

Watch all 13 here >

And let us know what you think.

March 12, 2015


SURE HOUSE: SUstainable + REsilient

When the SURE HOUSE team approached us to become their communications partner the project definitely piqued the interest of our inner-nerds. The SURE HOUSE is the Stevens Institute of Technology’s entry in the 2015 U.S. Department of Energy Solar Decathlon. The competition, that will be held in Irvine, California this October, asks for teams to “design, build and operate a solar-powered house that is cost-effective, energy-efficient, and attractive.” Because communication is one of the 10 competition categories, out involvement has included a complete re-brand and a website design. The site is now a much more vibrant and accurate representation of the key ingredients that make the SURE HOUSE so unique. Keep your eye on the website before the competition date, it will continue to expand and include information valuable to concerned homeowners, environmentalists and engineers looking to adopt innovative building techniques. Follow along on the process page and check out SURE HOUSE articles on the Pop-Sci blog!

December 1, 2014


Mapping an Outbreak

At the height of NYC’s ebola scare this past October, we were working on an outbreak-themed project of our own – an infographic tracing a recent plague of cyclosporiasis for the current issue of Modern Farmer magazine. We love Modern Farmer – an amazing resource for small scale farmers and those interested in knowing about what we eat and how it gets here – but… we may not be eating salad for a while.

If you’re intrigued, check out the REAL TALK section of  Modern Farmer‘s Winter 2014-15 issue

November 3, 2014


Perks That Work

As a magazine dedicated to helping entrepreneurs and small business grow, Inc. Magazine has been a valuable source of information for over 30 years. Our latest infographic work is out in the November issue.

The infographic titled “Perks That Work” maps the effectiveness of flexibility and how it affects companies, both large and small. In the discussion of the work/personal life balance, this conversation has been increasing in importance for both the employer and employee. We have created a composition that provides a comprehensive look at the latest research on the subject.

October 31, 2014


TEDCity2.0 is live.

We’re so excited to announce the arrival of the newly re-designed TEDCity2.0 website !

Inspired by our branding work for the 2013 TEDCity2.0 conference here in New York, and encompassing presentations from over 35 different TED events world-wide, this new website offers urban planners and the rest of us regular folks a treasure trove of talks by the most inspiring city-influencing individuals examining our collective experiences of the urban environment, and visions of how it is being re-imagined for the future.

A few of our personal favorites from the TEDCity2.0 archive include: Crowdsourcing the quietThe Walkable City and Mapping experiences and access to opportunities in cities.

October 13, 2014


The Story Behind The Numbers

For the past few months we’ve been hard at work developing a series of animations, titled The Story Behind the Numbers, for WWNorton’s The Family by Sociologist Phil Cohen.

These animations zoom in on the infographics we’ve designed within in the textbook. Over the next few months, WW Norton will be releasing the animations. We’re so pleased with the outcome and can’t wait to share the animations, so stay tuned!

Check out the first video released by WW Norton Sociology here.

September 19, 2014


Signed, sealed, delivered

We’re absolutely besides ourselves with excitement that our latest project with the AIGA – a comprehensive national membership toolkit and a vast library of digital files – has been sent out into the world! From concept and strategy, to research and realization, this project has held a very, very special place in our hearts for many reasons – not the least of which are all of the amazing AIGA members and leaders that we’ve met along the way. The new membership toolkits are traveling to all 68 AIGA chapters across the U.S. and the information contained within will hopefully ultimately reach over 25,000+ members. Bon voyage!

For more information becoming an AIGA member (because if you’re a designer or a design fan, you should be) visit