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March 21, 2016


Teed Up! #5

It’s been a little while since our last installment of the KMIP dorky tee series, but it was worth the wait! We present you our studio’s Lead Designer and first mate, Rachel. A firm believer in hard work, caffeine and punk rock, Rachel is our resident champion of design excellence in every form – and yes, the girl can kern. There is no challenge that stands a chance against her determination, sense of humor, and unparalleled attention to detail. We love you, Rachel!

March 7, 2016


Design with Heart in Atlanta

Six years after her first visit, our Creative Captain made her way back to the Portfolio Center in Atlanta this past weekend to host a seminar and an accompanying workshop as part of the school’s monthly Speaker Series. Agnieszka’s Friday night talk focused on “design with heart” our studio’s mantra and everything related to it, tracing the trajectory of our work over the last 12 years. Saturday morning’s workshop took advantage of the glorious Georgia sunshine as Agnieszka took the students onto the Atlanta Belt Line to spend three hours canvassing the public space for inspiration and found materials for a live infographic project. Stay tuned for a recap of all of the amazing work made that morning here and on our instagram.

February 4, 2016


Teed Up! #4

For the 4th installment of our dorky KMIP tee series we present you Francesca! Our resident visual systems expert, master of all things detailed and difficult, and general beam of sunshine.

We love you, Francesca!

January 25, 2016


Teed Up! #3

With his design prowess, adventurous spirit, and deep love of pork belly, our designer Tobias brings that priceless j’e ne sais quoi to our studio – all while masterfully navigating an eclectic array of design challenges with a serious sense of humor and some serious dedication.

We love you, Tobes!


January 18, 2016


Teed Up! #2

As KMIP’s studio manager and life support, Lilly wears many hats around here. Her lively spirit and organizational prowess keep the studio’s momentum going and our wheels greased and pointed in the right direction. That’s who.

We love you, Lilly!

December 22, 2015


Teed Up!

We all have our secret superpowers, and Min – our designer and resident information graphic specialist, can not only turn the most complicated and seemingly dry data into an enticing concoction of visual magic, she also possesses that rare and precious ability to navigate any challenging situation unfazed and unscathed.

We love you, Min!

December 14, 2015


Happy Holidays!

With our busy year coming to a quick close, the KMIP crew managed to find a moment to take a bit of a breather together and venture into the depths of Brooklyn for a yummy dinner and a fierce game of shuffleboard. We may not be ready for the competitive circuit just yet but we sure did enjoy ourselves – and we had the dorky t-shirts to play the part.

We hope your holiday festivities were just as merry and may you have the most amazing start to the New Year!

From our whacky bunch to yours.

November 10, 2014


A Retreat to Deer Mountain Inn

We love what we do but we also love to get out of the chaos that is New York City and get some fresh air into our systems. Thanks to our work with the lovely people at Deer Mountain Inn we got to combine both of our loves into one amazing weekend. 


For 3 days, the entire Kiss Me I’m Polish crew & partners migrated to Tannersville, NY to inspect our hard work, brainstorm new design ideas, and enjoy all of the decadent comforts of the amazing inn (which just opened last year), not the least of which is its incredible restaurant. Expect us back soon guys!




March 27, 2014

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We’ve been busy!

Hold on to your hat, folks. Much has been brewing behind the doors of our studio here at Kiss Me I’m Polish. We can’t wait to share, so expect news updates soon!

January 7, 2013


Guest Curator: Design Envy

Amidst all the year-end / new-year flurry, KMIP’s Agnieszka Gasparska served as a guest curator on AIGA’s Design Envy – a daily blog featuring the best in design as chosen by a new curator each week.

The entries include Christian Marclay’s The Clock: an epic 24-hour video collage assembled from thousands of film clips; The Present: a clock that takes 365 days to make one rotation; MOMO: super simple, highly graphic street posters; Blissymbolics: a visual language that communicates truth without the trickery of words; and Moon Glass: ceramic glasses that display phases of the moon depending on how much liquid it contains.

Check them out for yourself over at Design Envy.